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With over 20 years' experience knitting, I have encountered many different styles of patterns and know the importance of a clear, correct and accessible pattern. I've completed the "Learn to Tech Edit Knitting" course by The Tech Editor Hub and offer a range of services to knitwear designers. Take a look at the services, cost and workflow info below and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Tech Editing:

Checking your pattern to ensure consistency in style, no errors in terminology or spelling and that the pattern is clear to follow and makes sense to the reader. I will check to a style sheet, if provided, and can create a style sheet for you if requested. The maths of the pattern will be thoroughly checked ensuring stitch counts are correct, that different sizes are accurate to size charts used and that the gauge will provide the intended size. Charts and written instructions will be checked to ensure they match and are correct to the stitch pattern and numbers provided.


A rough guide of time:

Simple accessory, 1-2 hours

Complex accessory, 2-4 hours

Simple garment, 3-5 hours

Complex garment, 4-8 hours


Providing multiple sizes, based from one size provided. I am happy to use a size chart you provide or an existing standard such as the ones from the Ysolda Teague or the Craft Yarn Council. I will provide measurements and relevant stitch counts but can write these into your pattern if requested. Grading and tech editing should not be completed by the same person to ensure accuracy. I am happy to grade and send to a tech editor on your behalf or for you to source a separate tech editor.

A rough guide of time:

Simple garment, 5-8 hours

Complex garment, 8-12 hours

Pattern writing, 1-3 hours


Creating charts from written instructions or converting charts into written instruction. The time this takes drastically varies depending on complexity and work completed will need to be tech edited, I can organise this or you can source your own.

Sample Knitting:

Creating a sample of your knitting pattern from instructions provided in an agreed upon timeframe. I have limited availability for this service but get in touch and we can see if I can help you.

Test Knitting / Other Admin:

I am happy to provide other services related to knitting pattern design upon request. Examples include: running the test knitting process, creating spreadsheets, organising workflows and helping you get processes in place.


Tech editing, grading and charting are all charged at £25/hour. Work will be billed to the nearest 15 minutes and will not exceed the agreed quote.

Sample knitting is charged at 12p/metre of yarn used and any associated postage costs.

Other admin work is charged depending on work to be provided, get in touch for a quote.

How does it work?

  • Get in touch via the contact form on this site or by email (

  • I'll email you back with my availability and some questions / further info needed about the services to be provided.

  • I'll provide a quote for the work.

  • You decide if you want to go ahead. Once the service, cost and deadline has been agreed and you give me the go ahead, I'll get to work!

  • Work will be sent back to you once completed. For tech edits, you will make any changes and send back to me to review, I will also do a final check over once we've finished the pattern. Reviews and checks are all included in the original quote, if any further major works need to be carried out this will be discussed, quoted and agreed before being carried out.

  • Once all work has been carried out, I will send an invoice to be paid within 28 days via bank transfer or PayPal.

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